Story of the Lemon & Lime

Let me tell you something about living in the English land. I have lately been in the hotel/Service industry which about three years ago, I would swear that is not a field I would ever see myself in. This is the story of the lemon and lime. I am Kenyan, and ndimu is ndimu. Rather ndimu is lemon. Buy that I remember the mama mboga that I usually go to usually sold me a=something that looked pretty similar to an orange but instead it was green. When we translated this we called it lemon, No? correct me if I am wrong. Now this is me today… forget my 21 years of training to go grocery shopping at this guy just opposite where we live, to get “ndimu” remember I have the expertise to even choose which one is “just right” and which one needs some ‘maturing’ to do in the words of my grandma. This time I am a first timer in the bar and then they throw me to the deep end. They actually did. There was going to be a wedding on my first shift. What??? How, how can I even handle serving in a wedding when serving my non-existent siblings is a problem? So here I am; to make me feel better they decide to put me in the bar, and since I have had my fair share of bar visits…in my past life when I had to hustle for some time, I envied the people behind bars… no, not that. I mean literally- the bartenders or as we call ourselves here… people in the drinks service department. Fancy eey? Not as it seems. So I am obviously digressing… by now if you have been a constant follower you know it is a talent I am not sure whether to be proud of or not. I was for sure partially excited for about one and a half…. …. Minutes then reality struck! Well what was most exciting was to pour shots for people, honestly who doesn’t like that? “can I have vodka and coke… Gin and tonic. whiskey ice and water, JD and coke” I have mastered the art by now… Well, or so I convince myself.

So the actual moment of truth comes when someone wants a “Gin and tonic and lemon” and so my African mind… scratch that! My Kenyan mind whenever it is informed of lemon it thinks green. like when I was younger every time I heard of velvet I got my head around something purple. I won’t have got there today but I am sure we all have our moments. So I over here do as required. I start by taking the glass as my English teacher taught me, put ice, Gin, Tonic water and finally the green fruit that is on my way. Of which in this case it was lime. Do I know the difference? Maybe like theoretically I do but I didn’t think these things are practical. Like we know there are 9 planets but we haven’t seen them practically…

This is just me, the Kenyan abroad… actually The African abroad as Carol Wanjiku would put it, and every day is a day in the classroom. At this moment my manager looks at me with eyes, but not his normal ones, eyes he borrowed to clearly show me that I am full on embarrassing him, but do I get the hint? ‘apana tambua‘ is the phrase my peers would use. So I give the client his drink and he repeatedly says “I want lemon” I smile because…damn! Didn’t I just put lemon in your drink? Then my boss looks at me and then looks at the tub. So now I get the hint and realize that oh yeah. that yellow one is what you meant? So I quickly apologize to the client hugely cringing and changes my order.

So as of then I should have probably made an acronym to memorize how lemon is Yellow and Lime is green. So that is my lemon and lime story… and the inspiration for this look

Let’s talk. Have y’all ever been in such a situation? Something similar? Embarrassing moments.

Talk to me on the comment section.

Also enjoy these images… of the lemon and lime colour

Love and Love!

Mbaire Wangui - Signoff

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  1. October 17, 2017 / 11:53 am

    This post had me smiling throughout, and great style there

    • October 20, 2017 / 3:38 pm

      Thanks Lynda.. appreciate it a lot ☺️

  2. Vanessa
    November 4, 2017 / 4:12 pm

    Mbaire Never disappoints😊
    Sincerely yours,