Snow cold Outside

I should say that this is the last week till I turn 22, that feeling? that feeling is bitter sweet. I get excited at the fact that I am turning a year older, but also I’m stressed at the fact that there are times that I will need to adult with no excuses. I know someone who is older than me reading this is just like ‘are you kidding me?’ but well, these things do happen and it is okay to have a fright, don’t we all have that though?

It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (2)

Today being the exact week before my 22nd, there was snow. It snowed so bad that college was shut. A part of me was happy, especially because I have been having these bad migraines over the past couple of days and so this is my chance to relax, but the focused A student (not) part of me really wanted us to have a whole day in school, reason? I needed to have so much done. which I eventually will do by the end of the night, only problem is that I tend to overwork myself trying to balance between all these things that life throws at us.

I got inspired by the snow and immediately thought of a snow date. You know me… I take myself on dates in January; yeah I know I’m bad, but if you do not treat yourself who will? I know my best friend is somewhere reading this and saying ‘uhm … Me?’ but that is not the point. I digress

It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (7)

What came to mind was a nice dinner, mostly featuring myself but location should be the city centre, or shopping… isn’t that a date too? I know I have a great time shopping and what better way to boost your shopping mood than looking good while at it?

So I went for an outfit that is so me (pink shades) but quite classy and cosy all at once. do you ever get that nowadays though? It always either or. What I did is I got this jumper dress that I got from Primark in a size XL so that it fits well as a dress without having to hug any part of me and then went for a blush coat that looks so beautiful when paired with any other outfit, and topped it all with the over the knee boots from river island (will do a January sales haul soon) that are the most comfortable and practical shoes you’ll ever see. I also added a rose gold necklace which isn’t quite visible and the scarf over it which is quite light but cosy as well. I put on a waist belt to Synch in my waist because the dress without the coat needed a bit of form for this look.

The outfit altogether brought me so much joy and good mood because, that is one thing I must admit I get from my outfit choice.

I hope you loved this loo and tell me what are your thoughts on this. Also do you have snow where you are? What do you wear for such seasons?

Thank you so much for reading this post, watch out for a new look book on the same soon on my YouTube Channel x

It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (12)It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (11)It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (10)It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (9)It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (8)It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (6)It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (5)It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (4)It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (3)

Dress- Primark

Coat – NewLook

OTK boots – River Island

Scarf – Primark

Love and Hugs

Belt – Versace

It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (13)

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  1. Lucille
    January 18, 2018 / 12:35 pm

    Love your outfits, your hair looks good, everything is just gorgeous 😍😍😍💖💗❤️

  2. Jude
    January 18, 2018 / 3:40 pm

    The outfits nailed it!