New year shenanigans?

So, this is the year right? The year that everyone is destined for greatness. Well, I am just saying this because it is what I have seen most from people, if I may use Instagram as a point of reference. Honestly though, it is the one application that people open more often than they do kindle. Is it that we are doing a real version of keeping up with the Kardashian but more or less replacing the Kardashians with other people?

I am saying this because I am guilty, as it is I have had a thing in the previous year, I don’t want to say a bad habit because depending on how you see it, it may be a point of motivation or discouragement… yeah? I guess we all agree, but I guess I am willing to stop this and other stuff (more like stopping the negative part of it)

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So, for this year I am trying to

  1. Give myself a chance to fail

Sounds very weird to say that but I am certain I am not the only one who beats herself up for not getting it right the first time. I know it is almost impossible to but hey! Sometimes I can hardly control that.

  1. Give as much time and fearfully support people in my life

For sure, I have slacked at this, considering the amount of workload I have from university and the things I have to do as well for the weekends, life gets a little overwhelming and I sometimes find myself repositioning the order of importance and that does not mean that I necessarily put the right things first and others to follow, with a tried mind most of the time you end up actually prioritising things that are not the most important and then a week later you realise you haven’t spoken to family, not checked up on your best of friends, not even given much effort in support people I love, and this is really important because just little push from people that mean a lot to you surely does help bring up the motivation be it lost or just dormant. I know from experience, and thus I am going to really try as much as I can to not be the bad friend that life is trying to make me.

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  1. Let God

I know now you’re just like “ so you never do ?“ well, happens that I have my moments where I do try to control things that are not controllable, which in turn, turns on the frustration button and it moves it immediately to a high… not even like a middle portion of it ; it just moves to full on high, but I learned the hard way last December where most things I couldn’t control much and to start with the weather and that cut off the number of posts I had planned to do because I was not able to take photographs and it was also hard considering the cold and being a self- portrait photographer was just a no-no in that cold, so that leaves me to shoot whenever I can, and just when the weather is good .

And with that! I apologise for little blog action… but on the bright side I do more videos which are mostly done in the house but are worth your time to watch x

  1. Meet people more A.K.A go out more

Yeah, maybe I do go out more than I should but that is usually not for the right reasons, so I am hoping to promise myself to try and connect more, and in connecting I mean… trying to connect more with people in the industry and for a fun fact that there is not a single black blogger in Scotland… wish me luck! Please.

  1. Appreciate people more

This is a thing I did a lot in 2017 and the smiles it brought to people’s faces just lit me up as well. I started by giving myself a goal to say thank you and some other kind words to 5 people in a day, where if I saw someone wearing a cute outfit, I went to them and told them you know what? You have a beautiful skirt, or you’re looking great today. Whether or not I knew them. One thing I got from that small act is that, it surely makes someone’s day, and I’m one for if I make your day, I sure as well did make mine too. My most amazing moment is when I actually thanked conductors and matatu drivers in Kenya (when I was on holiday) for getting me to various places… Try it, it works, since it is something they least expect.

Well I will try those first and then when I need to add on more to it I definitely will… but for now I guess we’ll start the year with these Big 5.

Do let me know, is there anything you’d love to try this year? And how do you plan on achieving that?

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Coat – From this previous post (M&S)

Dress- Marks and spencer

Neckpiece – H&M

Heels – Faith at Debenhams



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