Mothers style 

Hey lovelies, hope the year is great as it should be … 

Well… I just thought about it and thought I’d put up a post on my mums style.. I might be featuring her a couple of times so bear with me … though if there’s good feedback then you’ll probably see her in here a lot more…

This is just a random day I picked so well enjoy 😉

Boot day because the weather is crazy (no Kidding 😞) 

And that explains the coat too… I loved how she paired the maroon and green all in one, that was a win for me 😉😉

(Can’t give full details on outfit and where to get then because most of them are from a while back) except the coat that you’ve seen a while now and the cross body bag was a gift 🎁 

And the turtle neck is from Matalan I could guess the Jeans too 

That’s all from me today, till next time 

Michelle xx