I guess it's my turn

DSC_0193Photography is an art, they say…. But to me a year ago it was just a class I had to attend. I didn’t know what was behind that lens. I couldn’t understand how pictures are taken and look that amazing. I was always the subject.. For all who know what I mean. I just wanted to see me in the 📷 📷 as a portrait. Then all of a sudden I got interested and thought if they can take pictures of me,why can’t I do the same?

Yes it’s my turn now,to excite all the people who see me taking amazing pictures of them,my time to feel like the superhero(superwoman) when I see an amazing and creative picture that I’ve taken, my time to overpower and take control of the lenses..

its all about interest passion and faith. Working hard isn’t always the way….I believe in working harder. I believe in working in an environment that is fun. Where I can question why there are green plants and yellow at the same time. Not just wake up to a formula and stick to it because one white man said that is it. Its good to question and let it be your turn to take charge. But since I started, I will never look back..

Go female photographers! Go!


Well look at her, I can tell a whole story in this picture, its full of motion and emotion, a stage in life that we all passed through,being free, relaxed with no worries at all in life because there is someone out there willing to take my responsibilities. A stage in life when our parents felt like super heros, once we cried and they appeared we could cry no more, just like superman would do in the movies. Also the stage in life where we are the bosses, our mums always have to check on how we are doing. It’s a stage in life where one plus one will be two because I herad someone say so. It’s the stage in life where we become who we are depending on how we will be nurtured.