Be a tree…. One of suceess

Ha-ha, so I have this story about a tree and a flower. Looking at it, there is a lot going on. I do see a scraped bark, dirt and then finally a smooth inner peace. Same to the flower, it is very dirty at the bottom but looks amazing at the top. In fact, it even holds the royal color Purple!DSC_0193 DSC_0097

So we all know where I am heading right? That obvious motivational theme that you have to be like a tree and all…. Well, not this time but almost related. Most people’s lives, errrr even mine has been like that. We at one point have had people who think we cannot be anything, people who see us as ugly, people who even find you as trash. Nevertheless, there are those optimistic ones, those that believe even with the failures (for lack of a better word) you have had you can succeed, at least once hahaha…

However, I think of it this way, trees and flowers grow to be as good as they are because they lack the hearing sense. Ever thought how life would be if plants could hear? Alternatively, even a forest could have ears? I have thought of it, not once and not twice a couple of times in fact, do not call me weird though, just critical thinking sometimes plus idleness.

I concluded that most of them would never grow into being beautiful and amazing as they turn out to be. Some of the reasons could be , like in our lives we disappoint ourselves because of what we hear from others, what others think of us, what others want us to be. The same could happen.

There are those few characters that actually like to put you down, not because they want to feel better than you are but they find it fun, bullies. We have all experienced bullying in one way or another, unless you are a bully, but even bullies are bullied.

I have always had criticism  in everything I do. I will not lie, I am not those I don’t care what you say kind of person but I act like I don’t care, then think about it. Most women do that. However, just as plants, we do not succeed instantly; it takes time, steps and a lot of nurturing to get somewhere.

Just like these plants from a side, we see it dirty and unpleasant but from above now we see the goodness in it. We have to see the different sides to know its values. That is how it happens even in reality; we have to know people from different scenarios and situations to know how they are. In short, we cannot just judge people from a couple of failures and ignore all the efforts they put in.DSC_0193

We also, just like the tress have many scratches; people will misuse us as they do while writing on the trees to get somewhere, and that is what matters, not giving up. The rejection is what makes you succeed, think about that statement critically and comment on it. When people call us ugly it is when we become more beautiful, not without but within. It is when people think we will never be anything in life, which we grow to be hardworking and most successful. Just like a flower tree people will despair on its growth, but it eventually becomes the most pretty thing seen, even used for special occasions.

a tree would not be that hight without the negativeDSC_0099


The journey of Mbaire started by disbelief from people, believe in you. Be a tree…. One of success

Photography – Michelle


Long live female photographers …