You don’t have to. I will keep on saying you don’t have to because not so many people especially in the world we’re living today tell you that you actually don’t have to.
What I mean is that, when I started to blog, I did have these crazy big stars that made it well in the industry and I did aspire to be like them, I still so aspire … not to be like them, but to be me, in the best way could possibly be. I started blogging not so long ago if I am being honest, it’s just over 7 months. Sorry for the accurate calculation, but this is a relationship right here… it is a relationship I made with myself and letting that 21-year-old who got the guts to leave her comfort zone to juggle all these things that involve taking photos by herself, editing them, filming, posting on the Tube, going to college, getting good grades, working and trying to earn something; that in itself is so much of an achievement and even though she doesn’t always give herself a pat on the back for it, she sure does deserve it.
What am I even trying to say? That you don’t have to wait for someone to congratulate you on those very small wins that as per now do not seem as if they are worth a thing, but when you do thank yourself for taking those small steps then you get the motivation to move forward and plan greater things. I do work quite well will self-motivation, I don’t know about you… let me know
Another thing I am trying to say is that you don’t have to have a MacBook to get fantastic clips to posy on YouTube, I feel the need to put that across because, the other day I was having a conversation with my girl and then a bit into the conversation she mentioned how she struggled to edit videos and all on her laptop because it was kind of having issues and her solution to producing content was by having a Mac. It is very much okay to feel that way, why you ask? Because the society we live in makes it so easy to feel when you are lacking; although, lacking in expensive materials doesn’t mean lack in talent. So I obviously ran her through the basic and voila! Girl can do this magic like no one’s business.
You also don’t have to have an expensive outfit, I am speaking to my sisters in the (254) I do see the trend that if it is not Adidas, it is not interesting; or if it doesn’t have a Gucci logo, it is not worth the gaze. Truth is, I started dressing up my Primark outfits and people didn’t know how cheap it was until I told them, I did wear a whole lot of cheap heels, cheap accessories but I mixed that with an expensive style and confidence, and that is all you need.

Mbaire Wangui_ you dont have to

You also don’t necessarily have to have a huge fan base, and when I talk of fan base I don’t mean the people that you do not know, I am referring to the people around you, those friends, family and all the titles they have. Those people are obviously expected to be the number one supporters; I know and thank God that I do have amazing family, and some friends, but usually the reality is most of them just come around when they see you moving. It is always a bad idea to start off something that not as common and traditional as they are used to, but the key point was, that is them, not me and so I am entitles to make my decisions eventually. So, next time they say it is a bad idea, remind them that when the business is up and running, or when you turn your passion into something big.
You also don’t have to start easy, or rough. Many people say they started rough, but it does not mean you will too, and neither do the fact that most people start easy mean you will too. Everyone’s journey is different and that’s that.
You don’t have to be perfect; well this doesn’t mean you don’t have to be great because I believe so much in being great, rather giving your best in whatever you do but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Man is to error and growth is beautiful.
You do not have to have a large space to begin your channel, boy oh boy! This is a ‘thing’ I needed to hear a while back. Practically my house is a box (compared to the people we see on YouTube) and so the moment I had done my first two videos last year, I really felt so intimidated by the videos I watched. The houses were big and very ‘youtub-ey’ if that is a word I have made up … forgive me but you understand though. All the white-rooms, standard white carpets and then the framed plants photographs, rose gold rails and copper hangers for the clothes and big compounds to tip it off, that was (still is) so out of my league. I should have known better because I was in journalism school where we had to make do with what we had, it didn’t go past theory. I learnt as I went, and look at me now, shamelessly using all the props I have in my house. That right there is the growth I was talking about, but this one is mental.

Mbaire Wangui

Mbaire Wangui in Tia’s fashions top


I know this is quite a lengthy post, and I hope if anyone though they had to… in any of these scenarios, I hope that now you know it is not that necessary. Let know what you might have struggled with, or what you thought was quite necessary to have but then it actually wasn’t. I love hearing from you.
Love x


I should say that this is the last week till I turn 22, that feeling? that feeling is bitter sweet. I get excited at the fact that I am turning a year older, but also I’m stressed at the fact that there are times that I will need to adult with no excuses. I know someone who is older than me reading this is just like ‘are you kidding me?’ but well, these things do happen and it is okay to have a fright, don’t we all have that though?

It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (2)

Today being the exact week before my 22nd, there was snow. It snowed so bad that college was shut. A part of me was happy, especially because I have been having these bad migraines over the past couple of days and so this is my chance to relax, but the focused A student (not) part of me really wanted us to have a whole day in school, reason? I needed to have so much done. which I eventually will do by the end of the night, only problem is that I tend to overwork myself trying to balance between all these things that life throws at us.

I got inspired by the snow and immediately thought of a snow date. You know me… I take myself on dates in January; yeah I know I’m bad, but if you do not treat yourself who will? I know my best friend is somewhere reading this and saying ‘uhm … Me?’ but that is not the point. I digress

It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (7)

What came to mind was a nice dinner, mostly featuring myself but location should be the city centre, or shopping… isn’t that a date too? I know I have a great time shopping and what better way to boost your shopping mood than looking good while at it?

So I went for an outfit that is so me (pink shades) but quite classy and cosy all at once. do you ever get that nowadays though? It always either or. What I did is I got this jumper dress that I got from Primark in a size XL so that it fits well as a dress without having to hug any part of me and then went for a blush coat that looks so beautiful when paired with any other outfit, and topped it all with the over the knee boots from river island (will do a January sales haul soon) that are the most comfortable and practical shoes you’ll ever see. I also added a rose gold necklace which isn’t quite visible and the scarf over it which is quite light but cosy as well. I put on a waist belt to Synch in my waist because the dress without the coat needed a bit of form for this look.

The outfit altogether brought me so much joy and good mood because, that is one thing I must admit I get from my outfit choice.

I hope you loved this loo and tell me what are your thoughts on this. Also do you have snow where you are? What do you wear for such seasons?

Thank you so much for reading this post, watch out for a new look book on the same soon on my YouTube Channel x

It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (12)It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (11)It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (10)It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (9)It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (8)It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (6)It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (5)It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (4)It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (3)

Dress- Primark

Coat – NewLook

OTK boots – River Island

Scarf – Primark

Love and Hugs

Belt – Versace

It's snow cold outside _Mbaire wangui (13)

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So, this is the year right? The year that everyone is destined for greatness. Well, I am just saying this because it is what I have seen most from people, if I may use Instagram as a point of reference. Honestly though, it is the one application that people open more often than they do kindle. Is it that we are doing a real version of keeping up with the Kardashian but more or less replacing the Kardashians with other people?

I am saying this because I am guilty, as it is I have had a thing in the previous year, I don’t want to say a bad habit because depending on how you see it, it may be a point of motivation or discouragement… yeah? I guess we all agree, but I guess I am willing to stop this and other stuff (more like stopping the negative part of it)

Mbaire Wangui _ HOliday looks inspo (6)

So, for this year I am trying to

  1. Give myself a chance to fail

Sounds very weird to say that but I am certain I am not the only one who beats herself up for not getting it right the first time. I know it is almost impossible to but hey! Sometimes I can hardly control that.

  1. Give as much time and fearfully support people in my life

For sure, I have slacked at this, considering the amount of workload I have from university and the things I have to do as well for the weekends, life gets a little overwhelming and I sometimes find myself repositioning the order of importance and that does not mean that I necessarily put the right things first and others to follow, with a tried mind most of the time you end up actually prioritising things that are not the most important and then a week later you realise you haven’t spoken to family, not checked up on your best of friends, not even given much effort in support people I love, and this is really important because just little push from people that mean a lot to you surely does help bring up the motivation be it lost or just dormant. I know from experience, and thus I am going to really try as much as I can to not be the bad friend that life is trying to make me.

Mbaire Wangui _ HOliday looks inspo (7)

  1. Let God

I know now you’re just like “ so you never do ?“ well, happens that I have my moments where I do try to control things that are not controllable, which in turn, turns on the frustration button and it moves it immediately to a high… not even like a middle portion of it ; it just moves to full on high, but I learned the hard way last December where most things I couldn’t control much and to start with the weather and that cut off the number of posts I had planned to do because I was not able to take photographs and it was also hard considering the cold and being a self- portrait photographer was just a no-no in that cold, so that leaves me to shoot whenever I can, and just when the weather is good .

And with that! I apologise for little blog action… but on the bright side I do more videos which are mostly done in the house but are worth your time to watch x

  1. Meet people more A.K.A go out more

Yeah, maybe I do go out more than I should but that is usually not for the right reasons, so I am hoping to promise myself to try and connect more, and in connecting I mean… trying to connect more with people in the industry and for a fun fact that there is not a single black blogger in Scotland… wish me luck! Please.

  1. Appreciate people more

This is a thing I did a lot in 2017 and the smiles it brought to people’s faces just lit me up as well. I started by giving myself a goal to say thank you and some other kind words to 5 people in a day, where if I saw someone wearing a cute outfit, I went to them and told them you know what? You have a beautiful skirt, or you’re looking great today. Whether or not I knew them. One thing I got from that small act is that, it surely makes someone’s day, and I’m one for if I make your day, I sure as well did make mine too. My most amazing moment is when I actually thanked conductors and matatu drivers in Kenya (when I was on holiday) for getting me to various places… Try it, it works, since it is something they least expect.

Well I will try those first and then when I need to add on more to it I definitely will… but for now I guess we’ll start the year with these Big 5.

Do let me know, is there anything you’d love to try this year? And how do you plan on achieving that?

Mbaire Wangui _ HOliday looks inspo (10)Mbaire Wangui _ HOliday looks inspo (9)Mbaire Wangui _ HOliday looks inspo (5)Mbaire Wangui _ HOliday looks inspo (4)Mbaire Wangui _ HOliday looks inspo (12)

Coat – From this previous post (M&S)

Dress- Marks and spencer

Neckpiece – H&M

Heels – Faith at Debenhams